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Roadside Assistance

The Comprehensive Assistance Programme

The Roadside Assistance Service is a comprehensive assistance programme designed to guarantee maximum peace of mind to all Ferrari owners when they need it most.

Ferrari vehicle owners can use the roadside assistance service when their vehicle is out of action due to any of the causes listed here: breakdown, accident, partial or attempted theft, punctured tyre, running out of fuel, flat battery, loss and/or breakage of keys, recovery after a theft.

The customer can request roadside assistance to have the vehicle towed to the nearest authorised Ferrari workshop, or for on-the-spot mechanical support in the following cases:

  • fuel, lubricant or coolant refills;
  • tyre replacement in the event of a puncture. The only replacement tyre that can be used is that supplied with the vehicle;
  • jump-start in the event of a flat battery.

For further information on regional coverage and on the programme in general

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