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Ferrari Purosangue for sale at Carrs Ferrari

The Ferrari Purosangue’s naturally-aspirated V12 engine boasts 80% torque already available at 2100 rpm and maximum power of 725 cv and throttle response is characteristic of a real sports car. Huge attention was lavished on improving mechanical and combustion efficiency, employing Formula 1-inspired calibration concepts. Its unmistakable harmonics accompany the driver and at high revs there’s an enthralling crescendo, a pinnacle of brilliance only Ferrari’s engines can offer. The car’s volumes demanded a radical rethink of both methods and solutions, as well as hundreds of hours in the wind tunnel and thousands of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations. The kind of development work dedicated to the fastest and most powerful sports cars in the range, in fact. 

The car boasts the Ferrari active suspension technology, a world first, and the ABS ‘evo’, with its function further developed on this version to cope with low grip surfaces. The 4RM-S all-wheel drive system on the Ferrari Purosangue inherits the 4WS system of the 812 Competizione for faster axle response time and more precise entry and exit from bends. The layout and proportions are completely different compared to the predominant modern GT archetypes (crossovers and SUVs) because the weight distribution of such cars does not allow driving dynamics in keeping with Prancing Horse standards. The Ferrari Purosangue, on the other hand, has a transaxle layout typical of sports cars as well as a PTU coupled in front of the engine to provide a unique 4x4 transmission, with optimal weight distribution for a sports car with mid-front-mounted engine.

The Ferrari Purosangue doesn’t have a front grille – this has been replaced by a dihedral suspended on the lower section. Two shells create a disc with a slot that houses the camera and parking sensors, so that they are integrated into the car’s shape. At each side of the bonnet are the DLRs, which are set between two pairs of air intakes which meld into the upper part of the flanks.
The aerobridge theme characterises the flanks as the form runs along the side. The wheel arch trim treatment reveals the Ferrari Purosangue’s second skin beneath the bodywork. The functional and technical elements become a second visual layer and there’s the impression almost of a floating coupé. The rear-hinged doors make the interior seem much bigger than imagined from outside when they are closed. The rear muscles dive into the tail where a horizontal cut line incorporates the taillights at its tips. Beneath the latter, two scoops converge into two vents. An imposing diffuser and the large rear wings combine to make the tail look impressively wide.

The cabin looks and feels like an extremely elegant, sporty lounge: when the doors are opened, a surprisingly generous space is revealed. Equally surprising is the sophisticated luxury of the interior which exudes a sense of both elegance and modernity. Modern design languages combine with Ferrari’s signature GT sports car aesthetic. The forms are deliberately compact to optimise the available space. The feeling of engagement for the front passenger is guaranteed by the dual-cockpit architecture and the 10.25” display that provides all the information required to help them participate in the driving experience.

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